Provincial Recommendations will happen at the April 2022 Festival

Due to the circumstances and uniqueness caused by COVID-19 for this year, selections performed this past fall can be performed again in the spring (April 2022).

The Edmonton Music & Speech Arts Festival (EMSAF) will be partaking in any and all COVID-19 protocols as dictated by Alberta Health Services (AHS), the City of Edmonton, and/or MacEwan University throughout the Festival. As things continually continue to change, please watch our website to see what proof of vaccination and/or tests will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $3.37 administration fee per entrant (not per class entered) regardless of how you enter (on-line or hard-copy) added to the total cost of your registration. This fee goes directly to the providers of our registration software.


Special Requests MUST either be noted on the paper entry form when it’s submitted, or be emailed immediately to after you have finished your online registration.


Please ensure you have read all the rules in BOTH the AMFA Provincial Syllabus (Rules Governing the Local Festivals) and the Edmonton Addenda as ALL rules apply.

SOLO ENTRIES (hard-copy)

If you would like to fill out a paper form,  SOLO FORMS can be found here.

If you are a Duet/Trio/Quartet/etc., wanting both the Soloist and Accompanist adjudicated (i.e.: Lieder or String/Piano Sonata), Band, or Choir, please fill out a GROUP FORM below.

GROUP ENTRIES (hard-copy)

If you are a Duet/Trio/Quartet/etc., Chamber Group, wanting both the Soloist and Accompanist adjudicated (i.e.: Lieder or String/Piano Sonata), Band, Orchestra, String Ensemble, or Choir, and would like to fill out a paper form, GROUP FORMS can be found here.


Please register in classes according to the 2022 AMFA PROVINCIAL SYLLABUS. You will also find the Musical Theatre Ballad/Up-Tempo List (revised in 2021) on the page. If you can’t find the class you’re looking for in the Syllabus, please check out the Edmonton Addenda. PLEASE NOTE: Edmonton does not offer classes in Handbells, Orff, or Percussion.


Additional classes, including, but not limited to: Adult Classes (various disciplines), Fiddle, Harp, Piano Plan I & II, String Plan II, Speech Arts & Spoken Word, World Music/Ethnomusic, and Special Scholarships can be found in the EDMONTON ADDENDA.


If you are unable to find a class in either the Syllabus or Addenda, please email the Executive Director at with your query and/or request.


The Fee Schedule is available here

CHOIR WEEK – April 17-21, 2023

BAND WEEK – April 24-28, 2023