Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule 2024

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $3.37 administration fee per entrant (not per class entered) added to the total cost of your registration. This fee goes directly to the providers of our registration software.

NEW!!! Fees (including the $3.37 administration fee) can now be paid by E-Transfer to: info@emsaf.ca. (Please clearly state for whom you are paying.)

Special Scholarships, Exams for Strings/Piano/Voice, and a few other Special Classes have their own fees which are clearly indicated in the Edmonton ADDENDA; otherwise, Fees are as follows:

Ages 5-7 (Piano Plan II Grade 1-3)

Solo Classes$35.00
Duet/ Trio/ Quartet Classes$40.00
Recital/ Concert/ Concerto Classes$48.00

Ages 8-12 (Piano Plan II Grade 4-6)

Solo Classes$42.00
Duet/ Trio/ Quartet Classes    $45.00
Recital/ Concert/ Complete Concerto/ Complete Sonata Classes$65.00

Ages 13-16

Solo Classes$45.00
Duet/ Trio/ Quartet Classes$50.00
Recital/ Concert/ Complete Concerto/ Complete Sonata Classes$80.00

Ages 17 and Over

Solo Classes$48.00
Duet/ Trio/ Quartet Classes$55.00
Recital/ Concert/ Complete Concerto/ Complete Sonata Classes$85.00

Ensemble – YouthWrite (5-15 Members)

Ages 14 and Under$45.00
Ages 15-18$55.00
Ages 19 and Over$60.00


Community Choirs$120.00
School Choirs/ Speech Choirs$110.00
Chamber Music$90.00
Chamber Music Plan II$55.00
Bands – Grade I/II$180.00
Bands – Grade III/IV/V$190.00
Bands – Recital$190.00
Stage Bands$180.00